Padel Academy

One of our values is learning and professionalism; therefore, one of our pillars in the club is the paddle school, especially for the little ones who learn quickly and find fun lessons and passion in sports.

We offer paddle classes for children as well as adults. Additionally, we provide private lessons for those who want to improve and perfect their technique.

Our class groups are small, which helps us establish a better coach-to-player relationship, enhances learning, and allows us to better attend to our clients.



Manuel Moreno

National Padel Instructor (Level 1), Bachelor's degree in Education (Physical Education), Personal Trainer, Professional Football Player.


Fran Yeste

National Padel Instructor (Level 1), Higher Technician in Physical Activity Animation. 10 years of experience as a professional instructor. Balearic Champion and winner of Mercedes, Audi, and other tournaments.


Sara Navarro

National Padel Monitor Title. Referee. Balearic Team Champion (3 years). Current Team Champion of Spain (2nd division). Selected for the Balearic national team.


Jaime Yohn

WPT Coach. Former professional WPT player. Bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, with 15 years of experience as a coach. University Team Champion in Spain.

Padel Academy

Padel initiation school starting from the age of 5.

Competition Academy

We have excellent coaches to prepare students both technically and physically, ensuring they are well-prepared for local, Balearic, or national tournament circuits.

Adults Academy

Padel has no age or gender limitations to start practicing or improving. It is a sport that is highly rewarding due to how quickly one can learn, allowing you to enjoy your free time.

Private lessons

If you need to improve any specific technical aspect, we recommend one of our instructors who will help you progress more quickly.

Private lessons in villas

To provide a more exclusive service to all our clients who may be interested, we offer private lessons in villas. PLAY TRAIN PADEL. More information 675 40 05 00


Indoor (1.5h)

Outdoor (1.5h)

Padel Academy

Private lessons (1h)

Rental of racquets and balls